"I should have just left him there to die."

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New Inspiration for hair and make up.
Soon I will learn how to look like her properly.

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some sketches of little Anna with Booker :”U
yeah, sweet dreams .з.

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BioShock by Tulpen-Teufel

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the Rapture book describes Atlas to be a handsome looking man with a cleft chin, wearing worker overalls with rolled up sleeves but in the actual game he looks like this


It takes a lot of work to make a model, especially one that’s only gonna show up for all of five seconds and then you never even get to see him that well. I don’t blame them for not making an atlas model. They didn’t make one for tanenbaum or Dr. Langford either.

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Oh If only It was real, too bad the real one was canned.

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Bigby Wolf adjusting his tie 

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did you find his diary in bioshock 2 where he says that he’s amused with his face? 

My face! I’ve got a new goddamn face!

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